by yuta sakakibara
live alone /hate people/die alone/be a cat   
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  • babydoll--x asked : you have such beautiful hands yutaaaaa! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    cute pussies on my ugly hand♡

    beautiful princess in my nasty mind♡

    eee!! eee!! eeeeeeeeee!! xxxxxxxxx( ¤̴̶̷̤́ ‧̫̮ ¤̴̶̷̤̀ )xxxxxxxxxx

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  • 匿名 asked : What's your job, YUTA??


    ♬ don’t know what i’m doing ♬ 

    fuck work, wanna back to barf fuck farm (⌯͒▾ ˑ̫ ▾⌯͒)ฅ⃛ love cash, wanna buy forest and catful castle (⌯͒▾ ˑ̫ ▾⌯͒)ฅ⃛

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    barf farm address:

    877 Dollhouse, 可憐可憐, Knife hill, Barf Farm, Hell, 66PUK6E

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  • p-lantss asked : king king king!!! all bow down to barf farm king

    alyssa!! FAIRYssa!! ( ¤̴̶̷̤́ ‧̫̮ ¤̴̶̷̤̀ )!! yayyay, king king king!! swing swing swing my sinful pink dick!! life is too short, wink wink blink♡!! hell’s bells are always ringing, ♬plink plink plink♬ aly aly there’s NO DOUBT that you’re barf farm Gwen Stefani~ bow down bow down i wanna be your step daddy~(¤̴̶̷́ॢω¤̴̶̷̀ॢ๑) please stab my tummy, cut my dick at the pet cemetary~ wet SEMENtary~ make 40 dolly zombies horny, saw me eat me gnaw me!! hehe…hehehehehe!! keep it morbid, kill all the boys( ख़ืིڞ◟྄ख़ืི)!! 

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  • 匿名 asked : oral is great!!!!

    ??? i know, i know!! life is not good, but oral is great!! ciit? cunt? no, spit!! tongue!! sweetie’s sweet teeth, your splitting tongue is a tri-gger of my pubic gun. click…bang( ख़ืིڞ◟྄ख़ืི) !!  i’m a slave of slaver, oral oral, man is mortal. i will be slaughtered by a northern star, float on the milky way with my filthy hate.  throw up flower seeds from the night sky,change this dumb ass glove to flower garden!! floral, floral, florally is great~~( ¤̴̶̷̤́ ‧̫̮ ¤̴̶̷̤̀ )

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  • britvarama asked : Queen of barf! King of barf! Royal barf!

    aww aww barf kingdom!! full of sperm, pink cum inca!! spring to winter, keep drinking the liquor and stay being pussy eater(¤̴̶̷́ॢω¤̴̶̷̀ॢ๑) i’m a dick hating dictator, barf darth vader who jerks own pubic lightsaber. death to fake ass masquerader, just wanna see some teen’s panties on the escalator because i’m a lame ass masturbater. addicting cunts, not addicting cum, addicting ripped dicks and bums( ¤̴̶̷̤́ ‧̫̮ ¤̴̶̷̤̀ )!! titties bounce!! titties bounce!! fuck disneyland!! shifty nurse and sadistic nun, kiss me first then kick me hard at the wicked farm full of kitties, swans♡ i need to be victi-victi-victimized♬ whip me, lick me, kill me now(¤̴̶̷́ॢω¤̴̶̷̀ॢ๑) please!! please!! i’m sweet as hot cake and cream!! god save the queen, let me hear your queef!! queef!! 

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  • 匿名 asked : help me

    go outside, see the sky. you don’t need to be positive*⁌̴̶̷ั ॣ·̮ ॣ⁌̴̶̷ั  suck your thumb, lay yourself on the grass, you don’t need to be strong*₊⁌̴̶̷ั ॣ·̮ ॣ⁌̴̶̷ั  walk, walk, walk, walk, you don’t need to be yourself *₊⁌̴̶̷ั ॣ·̮ ॣ⁌̴̶̷ั 

    you don’t need to love yourself *₊⁌̴̶̷ั ॣ·̮ ॣ⁌̴̶̷ั 

    stay negative, stay weak, stay lonely, stay alive*₊⁌̴̶̷ั ॣ·̮ ॣ⁌̴̶̷ั 

    fuck everything, you are living*₊⁌̴̶̷ั ॣ·̮ ॣ⁌̴̶̷ั 

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  • 匿名 asked : i thought u were a girl!!! i feel deceived!!! ur art is still cool tho

    (∩❛ڡ❛∩) i’m a stinky dick swinging swindler!! cum sprinkler!! make your pubic tulip spring up, spring flower, spring flower♡ chew it, chew it (๑¯ิ̒ε ¯ิ̒๑)you need to touch my tiny penis, shrimp size, shrimp size(•́ .̫ •̀)  wanna wanna go to england, to england( ¤̴̶̷̤́ ‧̫̮ ¤̴̶̷̤̀ )!! bring me to the twinkle twinkle princess’s house♡ yayyay, i’m a motherfuckin’ prince of barf (¤̴̶̷́ॢω¤̴̶̷̀ॢ๑)

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  • lidemque asked : i had a dream i met you and u were so nice ! I want to meet you and draw art with u

    me in your dream?? really?? i think that is horrible nightmare!! hehehe!! tonight i’m gonna invade your dream again, and show you cat fucking cow!! horrible horrible horrible nightmare!! HORNY BULL HORNY BULL HORNY BULL nightMEOW~~~( ¤̴̶̷̤́ ‧̫̮ ¤̴̶̷̤̀ )

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